Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sketchbook Pro!

Soooo my motherboard in my laptop died about four or five days ago.. soooo I have been unable to use photoshop sooo I have been using Sketchbook Pro 2010!! yay! It is kind of challenging to learn a new program especially after relaying almost solely on photoshop for my digital rendering for the last 4 or so years.. But it is always fun to experiment and learn new software! It really isn't too bad after you get over the first little bit of suffering! Above are some my first real tries at using sketchbook pro that I have done since my laptop died! I have been experimenting with their brush creator and making some interesting brushes! It has been pretty sweet and I am getting more and more comfortable with the program!

I would really encourage everyone to at least mess around a little with the brush creator in whatever program you are using! I have really only recently been going all out and making my own brush sets. I feel like it helps make your work become truly all of your own and makes it more unique! I have been enjoying making new brushes and experimenting! I feel the brushes I have been making really help me do what I want to do with my work! Good luck! If anyone needs help with creating brushes in photoshop or Sketchbook Pro or about anything at all feel free to email! --> tscarlet (at)

Side note: Luckily I am getting my laptops motherboard replaced this week because I have 3 months left on my four year warranty! How lucky is that! ha! I definitely thought that it was up! cuttin it kinda close! :)

And some other stuff!

These are a just a few random things I done on the side recently! :D

Deep underground creatures!

These are a bunch of blug like creatures from a side project I have been working on recently. I have just been developing a whole underground world with a range of creatures and plants that inhabit it! For a lot of the bug creatures I thought it would be really cool if on their wings they have illuminated circles that resembled eyes or glowing patterns that make it appear larger than it is. I got this idea from the Morpho butterflies which have designs on their wings that look like owl eyes! They are pretty cool looking! :D Anyways I'll be posting more soon on this project! I might eventually turn this project into a book! yay :D

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Creature Ports

Yay! New creature portraits! I have just been exploring and experimenting with different techniques to create them! The last one was done in Zbrush and then I painted over it a bit! I think it turned out kinda interesting and will be probably doing more soon. Zbrush is a really fun program and i would encourage everyone to mess around with it! Or you can even download Sculptris, a free sculpting program by the same company! Its not as great as zbrush but it is the same idea just watered down. So if you just want to check it out for a little bit you should maybe you should give it a try! :D good luck! :D

Senior Studio!

These were some pieces from my final semester(last fall)! I had been researching Buddhist monks and medieval armor for a while so these were fun to do!! Its pretty fun when your research is a series of kung fu videos! ha ha anyways more coming soon! Thanks for checking them out!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Post 100!

Yay!! This is my 100th post! Thank you to everyone has been supporting me and for all your nice comments over there years! I appreciate it! :D Above are a few designs that I did for a story I was working on with a group of friends! Hope you like them! More coming soon!

Studies and Studying!

I have recently been doing a ton of studies! From people to animals to architecture, I have been trying to make my subject matter as diverse as possible! It has been awesome and has really helped me improve my artwork and take me to the next level! I encourage everyone to really take an hour or two away from your portfolio pieces and do some studies once in a while! No matter what field of art you are it. It only makes sense. Increasing your knowledge of a subject matter will increase how well you paint it. How are you supposed to render armor if you have never rendered real armor before! You have to study, analyse and learn about these subjects as you are working on them or before. I know its painful and you just want to make some amazing pieces right now but you will save yourself some time and pain by doing them now! It will only help you improve and make those amazing pieces sooner!

I have also been reading and researching a lot! You can get a lot of cheap books at salvation army stores and other thrift and used books stores as well as flea markets (even randomly at re-sellers like Marshalls and T.J.Max)! You can easily start expanding your library for almost nothing! It is really helpful to read and learn about the subjects you are painting and rendering!It can help you add a degree of believably to your work and can give you ideas on things to exaggerate or enhance. Also using books instead of online photo researching will help make your influences more obscure and make your work look more original! National Geographic have subscriptions for only $15 which is pretty sweet! I recently resubscribed!

Some books that you should buy online thought are Color and Light by James Gurney and Framed Ink by Marcos Mateu-Mestre! They are both really good books and I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants increase their knowledge of rendering light and composition! I have been learning a lot from them! :D

Anyways hopes this helps to encourage people to do these things more! I thought doing studies was kind of a waste for a long time but now my eyes have been open to how truly beneficial doing studies and studying can be! Good luck!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Earth Worm and Fire

Hello!! Sorry for the long time in between posts but I'll be posting more frequently now! I recently graduated from the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, MI and have been busy job hunting and relaxing for the last little bit! It is really exciting! There are so many possibilities and projects and places to move! So much to look forward to in the future! :D

Anyways! A little update on my previous post! The short film that I worked on is now done and is currently being submitted to festivals etc! Very exciting as well! So I'll be able to post it after it is shown at a few festivals and all that! The name was changed to Earth Worm and Fire and The Blog was changed to! If you want to check it out! Above are a few pieces that i did for it! I story boarded all the shots, worked with other artist to define the look as well as the story of the film as well as did all the layouts and led a team of three talented artists to finish some of the backgrounds! You should check out their blogs as well! Kai, Matt and Michaela! They worked very hard for us! Anyways here are some other pieces that I did for the film! Hope you like them! :D