Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Vehicle Renderings

I learned How To Draw Cars!!!!

Sooo I wanted to learn how to draw cars sooo I did. I did all these (besides a few of the small sketches on the first page) in 5 days.. while having classes... lol Good times.

Summoner Illustration and Orthos

This is one of the main characters for the story I am working on! She is a summoner and the little wood guys are tree spirits! I want to do this for all my main characters of my story so you will be most likely see more orthos and action poses soon! :D

Forest Creatures

Forest Villagers

These are for this story I have been conceptualizing for a while. It is set up as a RPG video game that i will eventually make into a book! Hopefully soon! Most of the

Body Type Studies

These are a bunch of body type studies! I wanted to really venture off and mess around with different body types and color pallets to help me improve my shape and color variety with my character and creature designs! I enjoyed doing these and really like the way the different color pallets came out!

Bird Creature Portrait

Horned Demon Portrait

Fat Creature Portrait

Creature Portrait in Shadow

Creature Portrait

This is another creature portrait that I did! I was trying to get the best out of both digital and traditional medias! My next step is to now go back and render over it digitally! It is fun working traditionally because it made me think differently how my colors were interacting!

Creature Portrait Sketches

These are some creatures portraits I did this past semester! I have been trying to push myself in form and complexity of my creatures! I really like where these are going! :D

In-Class Sketches

These are some in-class sketches I did from a model! They were roughly 30 minutes each! I have a bunch more that I will be scanning in and posting soon!

In-Class Oil Paintings

These are some in class oil paintings that I did this past semester! They are all done from looking at a live model and the time ranges from 30 mins to three hours! Enjoy! :D

Henry David Thoreau Portrait

This is a traditional oil painting that I did this past semester! I was mostly focusing on pushing my process and and making my final strong! I was also messing around with different materials. I painted this on gessoed watercolor paper on medium density fiber board where I used markers as a base and then went in with some acrylic paint and then over it again in oils. I basically rendered and painted it three times but I think it was worth it! It went pretty quickly and I am happy with the result!:D

PS I am going to upload a better picture when I can! This picture doesn't do it justice. :/

End of the Semester!!

Yay!! I am finally posting! Sorry :*( These last two semesters have been crazy! I was Interning a Hasbro in Rhode Island last semester and it was amazing! I worked on projects for current and up coming video games, movies and TV shows along with doing some graphic design work! It was a lot of fun! I'll have to post some of my work when it finally comes out/they allow me too! This past semester I was taking 18 credits and five studios! It was intense but I am basically done with my Product minor and got a lot better with traditional and digital painting as sketching! :D Now I only have one more semester left and then ill be graduating! FTW! I cant wait! Anyways I'll be posting the mounds of artwork I have done over the past semester! Soon! :D